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Easter ;)




In the Easter 2019 campaign, we had the mission of engaging customers in the Extra Supermarkets points of sale,


bringing digital content to their daily lives.



To connect the points of sale with the digital world, the "Find the Eggs" campaign used several platforms to make this



With the Extra app, the customer accessed an augmented reality experience on Facebook. By pointing the phone


camera at a banner at the point of sale, a 3D animation of the Easter bunny popped up, showing discounts on Lacta


products. Then, all the customer had to do was show a screen print at checkout to buy the product at a discount.



More than 50% of the customers who used the experience bought the product, generating nearly R$ 1 million in


incremental sales at Extra.



Platform: Facebook

Type: Social AR

Partner: Creative (Leo Burnett)

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